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USRSB Provides Step-by-Step Guide For Grazing Management Plan Development

Customizable template provides a tool to optimize profitability, efficiency and resilience for today and the next generation.
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New Resource: See the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Grazing Management Plan Development Module.

The majority of ranchers have a grazing plan in their heads that evolves as they evaluate their pastures in real time. But having a baseline management strategy on paper can help extract the full value of your experience and the full potential of your grazing lands.

There are many benefits to optimizing your grazing management that impact your profitability, efficiency and resilience. You could realize incremental value for important areas you’re already managing, such as:

  • Maintained or improved grazing land conditions
  • Protected or improved riparian areas
  • Reduced soil erosion and particulate emissions
  • Optimized plant cover, relative to fire fuel loads
  • Improved access to water for cattle on pasture
  • Increased forage production and improved utilization
  • Increased water infiltration and retention
  • Improved wildlife habitat
  • Improved nutrient management and application strategies

Every operation is unique, and USRSB’s new interactive module will allow producers to customize ranch planning based on your individual goals and objectives. From there, you can align your goals with industry best practices for stocking rates, pasture management, wildlife inventory management and contingency planning.

The module also features guidelines for implementation, monitoring, record-keeping and financial assistance opportunities. Unprecedented funding for conservation practices is available for producers who create a written plan and record their progress.

Take the next step: Complete the module to build your best management practices and open the door to new opportunities to compete in premium markets.

Download USRSB’s Grazing Management Plan Template below for a peek into how this resource could help your operation, or visit USRSB’s Resource for Grazing Management Plan Development module for guided instruction, technical support and additional resources.


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