Land Management

Invest in holistic planning and infrastructure to maximize the potential of your land and protect your most valuable resources. 

These stories, downloadable resources, videos and other materials are benchmarks that you can adapt to fit your unique ranch operation. You’ll find links to additional information to go deeper into each subject area, and we’ve provided a start to get you thinking about incremental improvements that are focused on the betterment of your operation and your most valued resources: your land and livestock

Articles and Resources

Drovers 2023 State of the Beef Industry Report

150th Anniversary State of the Industry report is designed to provide a benchmark of information to help producers make successful decisions.

Soil Health Benefits and Improvement Tips 

Healthy soil increases resilience of rangelands to weather variability and predicted climate change. It also offers enhanced water-holding capacity and increased nutrient cycling.

How to Train Animals to an Electric Fence

Properly training animals to an electric fence can mean all the difference before using the fence to contain them.

How to Successfully Set Up a Solar Electric Fence  

Solar electric fencing has been a cost-effective and trouble-free part of the rotational grazing system at Bell Rule Genetics in Oklahoma. Learn how in this real-world case study.

How Climate Change is Impacting Rangelands 

Rangelands are vulnerable to changing weather patterns, but adaptive management can help ranchers adjust to changing environmental conditions, reduce vulnerability to worst-case outcomes and increase resilience to severe weather.

Electric Fence Tips for Ranchers 

Electric fences can provide ranchers with cost-effective land management possibilities. The goal is to create a strong perimeter fence with temporary or modest interior fencing.

Tailored Advice From Experts

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