Profitability & Efficiency

Maximize your margins by setting goals, tracking industry-specific benchmarks and evaluating your financial performance.

These stories, downloadable resources, videos and other materials are benchmarks that you can adapt to fit your unique ranch operation. You’ll find links to additional information to go deeper into each subject area, and we’ve provided a start to get you thinking about incremental improvements that are focused on the betterment of your operation and your most valued resources: your land and livestock. 

Articles and Resources

Drovers 2023 State of the Beef Industry Report

150th Anniversary State of the Industry report is designed to provide a benchmark of information to help producers make successful decisions.

How To Manage Risk By Creating A Drought Management Plan

Identify key decision points to manage both production risk and market risk with careful evaluation on cost of implementation.

Understanding Feed Costs 

Get a handle on your biggest costs. In order to maintain an optimum balance between feed costs and production, feeds must be analyzed and these analyses used to formulate rations and/or supplements.

Important Financial Benchmarks Every Ranch Owner Should Know 

Learn the financial terminology and benchmarks you should apply to your business to understand how to maximize profitability.

How to Measure Beef Cattle Benchmarks 

In addition to standard benchmarks measuring financial health, you should also keep track of specific guidelines for beef cattle operations.  

How to Determine Your Farm Business Goals & Objectives  

The information you collect on farm efficiency and yield will only benefit your operation if you have a destination in mind. You want to know that you’re making progress toward your goals. Consider your overall mission, objectives, goals and checkpoints.

Tailored Advice From Experts

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