Beef Cattle Handling Facility Design and Construction Considerations 

When evaluating or building infrastructure, ranchers have a lot of considerations, including site drainage, proximity to neighbors (for courtesy and privacy reasons), proximity to utilities, ease of access by vehicles and from pastures, and amount of acreage and cattle capacity they serve. In some situations, ranchers may need multiple cattle handling sites on one operation […]

Cattle Record Keeping Best Practices

Record keeping is a key element of Beef Quality Assurance and a good business practice in general. A quality record keeping system is one that cattle raisers are comfortable using and that maintains accurate, thorough and timely production records. Follow these record-keeping best practices. Cattle Identification Cattle identification and its associated contributions to quality record […]

Establishing a Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship For Disease Prevention 

Ranchers want to stay ahead of any potential diseases or animal health issues, and a veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) helps specify the responsibilities of the producer and veterinarian, as well as to meet legal obligations for some antibiotics and medications that might be needed should an animal become ill.   A valid VCPR requires the following:   Remember, […]