Soil Health Benefits and Improvement Tips 

Healthy soils are fundamental to sustainable rangelands.   Healthy soil increases resilience of rangelands to weather variability and predicted climate change. It also offers enhanced water-holding capacity and increased nutrient cycling.   To improve soil health:  Download the infographic from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shares more of soil’s important benefits.  

How to Train Animals to an Electric Fence

Properly training animals to an electric fence can mean all the difference before using the fence to contain them.   Don Ashford, a rancher in Ethel, Louisiana, and the National Grazing Lands Coalition offer some tips for training animals properly.   Unload animals into a catch pen with water and hay for 24 hours.   Release them into […]

How to Successfully Set Up a Solar Electric Fence  

Since there isn’t electrical power at Dean Schneider’s ranch, solar was his only option for an electric fence.  As the manager of Bell Rule Genetics, a family ranching operation in northeast Oklahoma ranch, solar electric fencing has been a very cost effective and trouble-free part of his rotational grazing system.   While solar can be tricky, […]

How Climate Change is Impacting Rangelands 

Rangelands encompass over 770 million acres of land in the U.S., and despite their classification into a single land “type,” these U.S. rangelands occur across a variety of ecosystems and have unique vulnerabilities. There is consensus in the scientific community that rangelands are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and that management will […]

Electric Fence Tips for Ranchers 

Electric fences can actually provide ranchers with cost-effective land management possibilities.   The goal is to create a strong perimeter fence with temporary or modest interior fencing, according to the National Grazing Lands Coalition.  Then, by training animals to the fence before putting them in, ranchers find the most success.  Watch Greg Judy of Green Pastures […]